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Camp 2.1

For summer 2021, we are reimagining certain aspects of camp that will need to be addressed for the health & safety of our Campers and Staff. One major change that we foresee is the creation of a camp bubble; this will allow us to limit who comes in and out of camp. In addition certain camper programming such as inter-camp competitions and out-of-camp trips will be modified. The camp’s staff will likely be taking their time-off, on-premises, in designated areas. We are re-programming our typical camp season, and though there may be changes made, camp will still feel very much the same. Our activities, competitions, events and special days will still occur, in addition to all the new programming we are planning for the upcoming summer.

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Masks at Camp?

We feel that although masks are an import prevention tool in the fight against disease transmission; it simply is not suited for the camp environment. However, in light of the situation, we are planning on the possibility of having to utilize masks during the creation of our ‘Camp Bubble’ at the beginning of camp; we are hoping to not wear masks beyond that point, once we are all tested and a certain number of days have passed. We will also follow all NYS Departmnt of Health Guidelines.

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Season Schedule

Depending upon any quarantine/s required by the NYS Department of Health prior to arrival at camp, we may have to alter the camp start date. As soon as any additional information is made available from the Department of Health regarding camper’s transportation, pre-camp quarantine procedures, start dates, parents at camp, etc., we will update this page and directly communicate any changes to you. Also, since our ‘camp-bubble’ doesn’t allow for guests of any kind, our visiting days may have to be cancelled. We are hoping to have any modifications complete by early to the middle of March. In light of these changes, we will be investing in new technologies to allow for the scheduling of video-conferences with individual campers, whole bunks and staff, as well as live-streamed camp events throughout the summer.

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Transportation & Pre-Camp Actions

As usual, we will be asking you to complete a travel form for camp. This season, we will also be requiring certain measures prior to arrival at camp. Depending upon your mode of transportation, these policies may vary & will be largely put out by the NYS Dept. of Health; they will likely include a quarantine period as well as testing protocols. As any final plans are made, we will communicate them to you.

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As testing becomes more reliable and accessible everyday, we are working with our medical team to put forth a procedure for tests to be done prior to and during camp to ensure the health and safety of all. As the final plans are made, we will send updated information, however here is our initial testing strategy: We will request an At-Home PCR Negative Test within 48 hours of arrival at camp, or prior to boarding a chaperoned bus (we are planning additional measures for campers who must fly direct to camp). We may also request that you limit any non-essential exposure/s during this time. We are planning to use a combination of Temperature Checks, On-Site Rapid and PCR tests upon arrival at camp (or camp transportation), and then possibly another PCR test after the first few days of camp have been completed, and before we go into ‘regular’ camp programming. Our final plan will be rigorous and will include the Department of Health’s quarantine, testing and screening strategies.

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The start of Camp

Although camp will be in motion, and everyone has arrived, we must be cautious during the initial phase of camp. During this time we will program smaller groups and limit full camp gatherings to a minimum. We may also utilize masks during this time as necessary.

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Dining at Camp

This summer, and especially during the first week, we will be utilizing multiple indoor and outdoor dining areas; this will help separate groups as necessary to avoid potential exposures. Our Food Service Director is working closely with our Medical Team to make sure that not only is the food going to be the same as you’ve come to expect, but also taking into consideration how to limit certain contacts. It is likely that we will be serving meals instead of using buffet lines throughout the season. In addition, we will create a plan that allows for ample ‘breathing room’ during our first week of camp.

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COVID Positive Policies

  1. If a camper tests positive prior to camp arrival (at home or at camper drop-off), they will be unable to come to camp until they have completed a 10 Day quarantine, followed by 2 negative tests over 24 hours, as well as a physician’s note. As any changes to the guidelines from the CDC and/or the NYS Department of Health are made, we will update this policy.

  2. If a camper tests positive upon arrival at camp, or during the first week (on site rapid & PCR test), they would be isolated until we receive the results from the PCR Test. If that test is positive, they will remain in isolation and must be picked up from camp within 24-36 hours.

  3. If there is a suspected exposure during the first week, campers and staff in that group will limit contact with other groups, and will be observed as well as re-tested. They would quarantine and participate in activities and meals as a group until cleared. We will utilize contact tracing to identify others who may need to be observed and re-tested.

  4. Due to the nature of the camp environment as well as our limited isolation areas; if any camper or staff member tests positive throughout the summer, they will have to isolate from the camp population until arrangements can be made to return home until cleared.

  5. Returning to camp will require a 10 Day quarantine, followed by 2 negative tests over 24 hours, as well as a physician’s note. As any changes to the guidelines from the CDC and/or the NYS Department of Health are made, we will update this policy.

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Thank you for taking the time to read through some of our initial plans for the upcoming season in regards to COVID-19. We do hope that this helps as you prepare for camp, as well as ease any concerns that you may have. As always, please contact us should you have any questions whatsoever.