Camp Life

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Bunk Life

  • 8 girls & 4 counselors per bunk
  • Private bathrooms and showers
  • On-demand hot water
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Choice of single or bunk bed
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Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

The centerpiece of camp is our dining hall which overlooks the lake. The dining hall can seat the entire camp for each meal.

Check out the yummy meals you’ll be eating in the Dining Room.

Orange juice, cereal, pancakes, waffles, eggs, made-to-order omelets, fresh berries, bananas, yogurt, bagels, hot chocolate with mini marshmallows… pizza, chicken tenders, hamburgers, tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, spaghetti and meat balls, lasagna, baked ziti, macaroni and cheese, subs, and a complete salad bar, protein bar… grilled steak, fried chicken, roast chicken, BBQ hamburger, veggie burgers, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, assorted home baked deserts…

You’ll eat “family style” with your bunk and counselors. Camp food is the BEST food!

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Social Hall

The camp social hall is our theatre. A musical show is performed there every Friday night.

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Also known as “TP” it is the nightly gathering spot for campers, scheduled by age group, where they can find ice cream sundaes, popcorn, pretzels, foosball, and the juke box.

Snacktime (mid-day)

Fresh fruit, ice cream, fresh baked cookies…

Special Events

  • Team Week — Blue vs. White All-camp Competition
  • Theatrical Productions (weekly)
  • Song & Cheer Competitions
  • Luau
  • July 4th
  • Carnival
  • DJ Parties
  • Western Night
  • Hobby Nights
  • Family Nights
  • Sister/Brother Lunches
  • Trip Days
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With seating for at least 2000 people, the arena is used for all camp events, intracamp tournaments, and occasionally for girl/boy camp get-togethers. The arena also houses indoor basketball and volleyball, Team Week events, and ceremonies.

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The campfire, which overlooks the lake, is the site of our weekly full-camp campfire and various traditional ceremonies such as the first and last nights of camp.

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