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Nikkei Nikkei

August 7, 2019 学力低下「キャンプ」で防ぐ: 日本経済新聞


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World Camps World Camps

July 3, 2019 The Best Summer Camps in New York State

New York is the perfect place to find adventures and new experiences that your kids will remember for a lifetime. Let the adventure begin. Discover here some of the best summer camps in New York State.

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Summer Camp Hub

May 20, 2019 Best Summer Camps for Kids

With the first camp being held in 1916, Raquette Lake Camp is one of the oldest summer camps here in the US. It’s known for being very prestigious and offering your kid a chance at making life lasting memories. Since their beginnings they have always improved their camps with addition of…

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Goop Goop

May 17, 2019 Great Kids’ Camps

Olympic-level sports coaches, tennis courts, and sailboats — Raquette Lake may sound more like a resort than a camp, but the rules are strict and tightly enforced. No cell phones, video games, or hair dryers allowed. No care packages, either. Camp is sacred, not a place to repeat old habits in…

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Better Camp Finder Better Camp Finder

September 25, 2018 6 Top Summer Camps You Really Need to Send Your Kids To

A summer camp full of wakeboarding, horseback riding, and dance parties may seem like a dream, but top summer camps have made this dream a reality. Summer camps are a way for kids to unplug from normal life and plug into fun activities. With these summer camps, kids are not only plugging into …

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Early Childhood Education Zone

April 12, 2015 The 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps for Kids

The experience of summer camp goes far beyond enjoying the fun activities usually associated with camping such as hiking, swimming and living in a cabin. Campers learn character-building skills, develop greater self-confidence, leadership and team-building skills. They develop friendships that…

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Spokin Spokin

July 1, 2017 Top Food Allergy-Friendly Overnight Camps

Before the summer begins, parents of food allergic campers at Raquette Lake are in touch with the chef, who has been the food service director for 10 years. All meals are nut-free, and the counselors come to the dining hall before service to make sure allergen-free meals are ready.

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Top Education Degrees

May 6, 2014 50 Most Amazing Summer Camps in the US

A great summer camp should be a safe and magical place where girls and boys can make friends, discover new passions and learn to be independent. Here, they are taught values such as teamwork and cooperation – all while surrounded by majestic lakes, mountains, woodlands and wide-open spaces so …

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June 15, 2010 America’s Priciest Summer Camps

The end of June marks the beginning of an annual migration, as school-aged kids, especially on the Eastern Seaboard, pack off for sleep away camp.

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New York Post

June 18, 2010 Go Jump in a Lake

At these prices, you’d expect gold-plated canoes. But the country’s poshest campers will have to settle for celebrity sports coaches, state-of-the art facilities, organic cuisine and private, spring-fed lakes instead.

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Business Insider

July 2, 2012 This Sleepaway Camp In The Adirondacks Costs $11,400 A Summer And Is Practically Impossible To Get Into

Kids have escaped the summer heat (and their parents) at sleepaway camps for decades. But not all sleepaway camps are created equal.

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August 7, 2015 17 Outrageously Expensive Summer Camps

Well-to-do families in the northeast start thinking about summer camp long before the final school bell rings. And well they should: not only do exclusive sleep-away camps fill up fast, they also cost a pretty penny. Here, we’ve put together a list of the most expensive sleep-away…

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January 1, 2016 Learn to Soar — The Great Outdoors

Summer camps have come a long way from traditional campfire sing-alongs amid the wilderness. Now there is a vast array of programmes on offer, which can include sports training from pros, to acting workshops where Hollywood A-listers have been discovered. What they have in common, however, is …

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Flight Network

July 12, 2017 North America’s Top 60 Summer Camps of 2017

Summer after summer, a legion of loyal campers flock to the quiet shores of the Adirondacks, in search of a place they call home: Raquette Lake Camps. Both of these brother-sister institutions have been family-owned and operated since 1916, and there is certainly no end in sight. Why? For one…

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