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Directors & Staff

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Kathi & Eddie Lapidus

Owners & Directors

Kathi and Eddie are owners of Raquette Lake Camps. If you stop by Girls’ Camp you’re likely to find Kathi in the office with girls hanging out in front of her window. RLC girls love spending time with Kathi. Eddie is usually out and about, but easy to find — just listen for campers calling out, “Eddie, Watch me!” You’ll see him with a big smile as children demonstrate their latest tricks and show off their accomplishments. He’s the larger-than-life personality that brings joy to the everyday. Kathi is the tender-hearted camp “mom” who is always willing to sit down with the girls, ask them how their day is, and listen to their stories.

I want the children to be able to be themselves, develop self esteem, and appreciate those around them. It’s important to learn to live with others — to realize we’re all different, but all have something good to offer.


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Experienced Leadership

Kathi and Eddie have owned and operated Raquette Lake Camps since 2000. They have three grown children who attended single-sex, co-ed, and brother/sister camps.

They share a lifetime of camp experience, starting as campers themselves, then counselors, camp parents, Directors, and finally Owners. Kathi and Eddie possess a wealth of knowledge and experience between them, and you can see it in the well thought-out details of daily camp life.

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Kathi works with parents, manages the business office and bookkeeping, oversees programming, scheduling, and bunking. Eddie keeps his eye on the facilities and logistics when he isn’t taking someone on a tour or meeting with a new family.

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Tara & Gregg Lapidus


Gregg and Tara Lapidus are the next generation of Raquette Lake Camp’s tradition of family ownership. You’ll usually find Gregg at Raquette Lake Boys Camp, while Tara floats between the two facilities. Gregg, like his father, loves to delight the campers. With a background in special events and large-scale fun, he’s always thinking of something new that’s over the top — the kinds of things that make 8 year old boys say “No way!” as they smile with uncontrollable enthusiasm. Gregg likes to be fully immersed in the camper’s world and he routinely participates in activities side-by-side with them. He leads by example, and loves to teach the boys outdoor, off-the-grid, skills.

I went to a lot of different camps as a child: an all-boys camp in New Hampshire, a co-ed camp in Maine, a teen tour camp, plus specialty camps at the end of each summer. I’ve experienced the varying types of camps that are out there and I use that knowledge everyday to make Raquette the best it can be!


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In addition to his role as a Director, Gregg helps as a floating activity head or group leader, oversees socials and special events, provides oversight for trips and wilderness programming, program development, staff recruiting, and special capital improvement projects.

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Tara is the soft-spoken mother of their two young children, plus a camp full of busy boys! Always calm, always friendly, and so very patient — boys love it when Tara passes by. Tara enjoys her “mother” role, especially with the younger campers. When she’s not keeping up with Gregg, their kids, or the boys of Raquette Lake, Tara helps Kathi in the office, makes out schedules, facilitates camp tours, communicates with parents, and helps with enrollment.

A smile and “Hello” is the best way to make someone feel good about themselves and comfortable, even if it’s a stranger. Everywhere you go this small act of kindness can make someone’s day better!


Together, Gregg and Tara are continuing the traditions and values of Raquette Lake Camps. Their hands-on approach and down-to-earth personalities make them relatable role-models for campers and staff alike.

Camp Staff

Raquette Lake’s “Ivy League” reputation is primarily based on the quality of our staff. All activities and programs are directed by professionals, from high school and college coaches, to professional artists, theater directors, actors, choreographers, to professional athletes.

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The other major component of our reputation is the sheer number of staff — one counselor for every two campers.

Most of the group leaders are educators and former campers. The senior staff are mature adults; many have been at camp over 10 years. Collectively, our senior staff has over 100 years of camp experience. All staff are personally interviewed, have their references checked, and undergo full background checks.