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We Only Hire the Best

Raquette Lake’s “Ivy League” reputation is based on the quality of our staff. All activities and programs are directed by professionals. We employ college students, teachers, high school and college coaches, professional artists, theater directors, actors, choreographers, chefs, and many other talented individuals.

Because We’re Offering the Best

As one of the oldest camps in the country, we know how to create a rich, rewarding summer experience. For many, Raquette Lake is like another world — steeped in tradition, anchored by our values, we are giving you the opportunity to take part in something uncommon, and possibly have the best summer you’ve ever had.

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It’s About the Kids

No matter what role you take on at Raquette Lake, your top priority is providing children with the best summer experience of their lives. We expect you to be a good role model. That means you must be mature and relate easily to children.

You will be personally interviewed, have your references checked, and undergo a full background check.

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You will make many life-long friends and develop life skills through leading, guiding, and caring for campers. Our pay is competitive, workers compensation is provided, and room and board are included. During your time off you can tour the Adirondack State Park, the largest state park in the country, or visit the surrounding towns of Old Forge, Lake George, and Lake Placid.

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You must be at least 18 or have completed one year of college.
General Counselor

As a general counselor, experience and enthusiasm for working with children are necessities.

Specialty Counselor

As a specialty counselor, you need to have a high level of skill in a specific activity, or show an aptitude and strong interest.


We hold a mandatory orientation the week before camp; some programs require additional training, sometimes up to a month.

For the Kids, All the Time

You and your co-counselors will live with a group of campers in a cabin. You will be their mentor, companion, and big brother or sister as you guide them through their daily activities, including meals, special events, and out-of-camp trips.

Finally, we expect you to have sound judgment and decision making skills, and be warm, caring, and patient.

We have high expectations.

Before You Apply

Make sure to read through the rest of our website to get to know us better.

Apply for the Best Summer Ever

Is this the summer you’re looking for? If so, we encourage you to apply; you might be just be a perfect fit for our staff.