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For your convenience, we have arranged for direct trucking of your child’s baggage to and from Camp. R & B Baggage Handlers are our designated carrier. R & B specializes in the handling of camp baggage and because of our long-standing relationship with them, we can insist on quality service, timely delivery to camp, and prompt return of baggage after camp.

  • Families from the U.S. who live INSIDE our carrier area: New York City, Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland and Washington DC; must use R&B.
  • Families from the U.S. who live OUTSIDE our carrier area and International Families: Please arrange to ship your bags directly to camp. The bags must arrive at least 5 days prior to camp opening. At the end of the season, please make arrangements to have the bags shipped back to you. R&B, Fed Ex & UPS service Raquette Lake Camps.
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NOTE: Please make sure to plan for the return of your child’s baggage at the end of camp. Remember, we do not allow baggage on the buses. Also, Name Tapes (sewn on not ironed on please) or Permanent Marker should be used on all clothing, equipment, footwear, and anything else your child may bring to camp.

Please click here to setup your baggage shipping with R&B