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101st Summer of Fun!

Did you know this is our 101st Summer?! And what a way to start it with beautiful sunny skies. Our girls spent part of their day splashing away taking their blu cap swim tests at the waterfront. Our seniors were in the theater preparing for our first Raquette Playhouse performance which will be this Friday! The cheers in the dining hall could be heard across the lake as our campers reunited with old friends and made new. Speaking ok- the new campers did not miss a beat and were up on the chairs, smiling, singing, and clapping along!

We had our opening campfire and our oldest campers which are better known as SUPY did a wonderful job leading. We also had beautiful stories told by Eddie & Kim. We honored those campers who have been with us for 5 years and 8 years with jackets. We also honored our staff who have been with us for 3,5,10,15, & 25 years!! We love that our campers & staff return to camp year after year and we love to watch them grow!