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Say Cheese!

There was so much going on today that everyone was very busy. Following the first period of the day the boys had picture day. They took the bunk pictures, had the crazy bunk photos, and then took their individual photos. The boys looked amazing and they had huge smiles.

The senior group started rehearsals for the upcoming show. The roles are set and the cast is learning the songs, lines, and the tap dances that are in the show. We all are looking forward to seeing the show on Friday.

We started electives this afternoon and everyone was enjoying the different focus of our activities. All the activity heads offered a week of specialized instruction and the boys loved it. Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow.

This evening the junior and senior boys had their first social. It is a great site to see the boys clean up so nicely and the amount of aftershave and Axe applied was incredible. I could smell the different scents from the office.

Tomorrow looks to be another outstanding Raquette Lake day. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

-Steve Norman