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There is no better friend than a camp sister!

It was another beautiful day at Raquette Lake Girls Camp!

The seniors are still rehearsing with long days in the theater getting ready for Friday’s two performances of Anything Goes!

Camp sisters were announced and the girls spent their evening visiting their camp sisters bunks! It was so sweet to see how excited the girls were to meet their summer sister! For our new families, camp sisters is one of the best traditions at RLGC. Each camper is assigned one early on in the summer and is able to count on their camp sister for anything they may need at any time. We have camp sister lunches and dinners, they write each other letters, bring each other gifts from their trips, and do other thoughtful sisterly things!

The s’mores were stocked at Eddie’s campfire with the Upper Freshman who loved hearing his stories.

Thursday is our first trip day on girls camp and we have lots of fun things planned for them which we will tell you more about tomorrow!