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Camp Brotherly Love

Another fun filled action packed day at RLBC. There was great wind which meant that the sail boats scattered out across the beautiful sun glistening lake was truly a breathtaking sight to see!

Camp brothers were assigned right before dinner which meant that the new duo’s got to have a delicious dinner getting to know each other! Camp brothers is an amazing tradition at RLBC and we wait to assign them until the children get to camp so we can truly pick ones that have great dynamic. Camp brothers are always there for one another and it truly is a special friendship.

The boys were busy running around camp for the all camp scavenger hunt last night. They were given a sheet of paper with pictures of items in different places all over camp that they needed to find. Let me tell you they were very tricky and our boys impressed us with how observant they are!

This afternoon and tonight is the Seniors production of Anything Goes. We will report back to let you know just how amazing it was!