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Carnival Day!

Yesterday before lunch we had very special dance performances outside the dining hall. Both the freshman and lower senior girls did wonderful dances!

In the afternoon-the sun was shining through the balloon arches and it was carnival day at Raquette Lake Camp. The girls traveled over by boat to boys camp and all the campers showed off their colorful tie dyed shirts they created in arts and crafts. There was music and a dance party. Cotton candy and sno-cones. There were booths with games including a photo booth, musical chairs, chocolate fondue, ring toss, make your own bracelets, tattoos, and a marriage booth to name a few! There were a ton of rides! Bouncy castles, and slides! The girls and boys spent the afternoon running around having the time of their life! The day would not be complete without a BBQ Dinner on the beautiful boys camp beach. The freshman and sophomores had socials and canteen to complete the perfect day! This morning is lazy breakfast and the children are definitely going to need the rest after all the fun and excitement of yesterday…