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Final Four Has Come To An End

Final Four concluded last night after another day of tough competition. In the morning the much anticipated swim meet took place. In the evening was the final four sing. Each team performed a beauty song, a fight song, The Spirit of Raquette, and a cheer. Each team was judged on their banner, their entrance, and their attire. The winner of the sing was Villanova.

The results are in and the overall winner of Summer 2016 Final Four with 1,014 points is….

We commend all of our campers for giving their all and showing great sportsmanship.. The Raquette Way!

Here are more updates from our group leaders! Next week we will give you full updates from our activity heads!

Hello Lower Junior Parents. It was a pleasure meeting all of you this past Sunday. After you all left, the annual water gun fight ensued and what a success it was. The campers had a blast! Yesterday, the entire junior group competed in our annual Raquette Lake Intercollegians Day Tournament. The boys started off with a challenging three lap cross-country run around camp. This was followed by an afternoon full of sports including soccer, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, and volleyball. The boys demonstrated teamwork, sportsmanship, perseverance, and determination. I am so honored to have the opportunity to teach, coach, and work with such incredible children.
Bobby Nelli


The weather was beautiful all week long. Wednesday night was the Luau, which included a long limbo line that everyone participated in. The food was delicious and the music was entertaining. On Friday, Echo Lake came to Raquette Lake for a friendly competition in basketball and baseball. The boys competed hard and showed incredible sportsmanship. We were victorious in the two basketball games as well as the baseball game. Great job to all the boys who participated in the intercamp. The week ended with visiting day. You were happy and your boys were happy. We could not have asked for a better day.- Robbie