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Flying Through Week 2 & Little Shop... Little Shop Of Horrors!

It was another warm beautiful Raquette Lake day at the waterfront. Perfect for the rave & the blob!!!!

The girls can’t stop singing the theme song from Little Shop Of Horrors as the show was truly amazing! The Junior girls are so talented and did a wonderful job. After the show they enjoyed a cast party at canteen! YUMMY! I must also add that our theater staff are true professionals. From the set, to the costumes, etc. they really put on quality productions every week!

We had 63 campers at Echo Lake swim meet and the girls came home with lots of medals! Congratulations to our fishies!

Speaking of- Fishing for girls camp is going amazing! They are finding Nemos all over Raquette Lake and of course throwing them back in!

SUPY is back from Montreal and cheering in the dining hall louder than ever. I have heard that they had an awesome, memorable trip! Tomorrow we will have the full report from Gayle our senior group leader.