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Green & Navy! Brother/Sister Lunch!

It was Brother/Sister Lunch and the siblings enjoyed grilled cheese, tomato soup, and french fries of course accompanied with HUGE smiles on their faces to spend time together!

The juniors had a social at boys camp and the seniors had a social at girls camp! They mingled to today’s favorite hits and enjoyed canteen!

The theater department is gearing up for an action-packed and meaningful rendition of The Karate Kid, on July 14! We have adapted the original movie (from 1984) and created a boys’ camp play that will surely be a highlight for this summer. In our version of this material, Daniel learns many things from the wise Mr. Miyagi…not only self-defense but respect and discipline.Daniel’s problems with bullying and fitting into a new environment all lead to his competition in a karate tournament. All of our action scenes will be carefully choreographed and performed effectively but safely on our stage.As might be expected, there are some musical surprises built into our play as well.

There are 15 campers performing in our play…all of them signed up for our Theater elective this season…and all of them are eager to make this play a memorable one.