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Last night was the boys camp annual production of The Karate Kid! The boys performed with such confidence and the audience LOVED the show! Their performance was definitely better than the original movie! Mr. Miyagi had a beard and all! They practiced hard and we are so proud of them for being great role models to the other campers and being so willing to get involved. We can’t wait for you to see the video and check out the amazing pictures!

The boys spent the day in regular activity having a blast. As you know in just one day these boys can experience more than most do in a lifetime! Whether its at the waterfront- swimming, skiing, tubing, canoeing, etc. Playing multiple sports, shooting arrows at archery, climbing the ropes course, creating at ARTS & CRAFTS. And these are just to name a few-There is never a dull moment when it comes to Camp!

Dinner was a delicious comfort food meal of fried chicken, mac & cheese, and steamed veggies! Of course such a meal would not be complete without a fresh baked apple pie from Hanna.

2 more days until we see you!!!!