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Inman Island Swim & 4 Week Sing!

Early yesterday morning, just as the fog lifted from the lake, we sent 119 girls off to swim to Inman Island and back. It was a beautiful backdrop to a very successful swim. Every girl gave it her all and each and every one of them completed the swim!

Pajama Party!!! That it was yesterday morning in the dining hall for lazy Sunday morning breakfast. The girls enjoyed the casual buffet style breakfast of cinna-buns, fresh made to order omelettes, bagels, donuts, cereal, yogurt, I can go on and on and on!

Right before lunch our SUPY girls performed an amazing dance choreographed by Sarita to Meghan Trainors “NO”

Last night was our 4 week sing. Our girls sang alma maters written during past team weeks. We heard a song that was written in the 60’s (Life, Blue 1969), another that has become the camp’s Alma Mater, and finally a song that was reintroduced to our camp several summers ago by a third generation RLGC family! The beauty is that the music for that song was an original composition written by a counselor for her team in 1976. It probably would have been forgotten, but some RL legacies – along with their mom – helped us bring it back to life. Today, it has become a tradition for Birchwood to sing it. Kim tell’s that story every year because it helps to reinforce the message she tries to reinforce each summer – and that is, that all of us here are linked to Raquette’s long and amazing history and past! The girls were judged on their walking in, how well they sang their song, how they followed their bunk leader, and their overall presentation. It was an incredibly close contest, but in the end, Pine won for the freshman, Adirondack for the sophomores, and Carry-On carried upper camp. The night was capped off with Supy presenting their bunk alma-mater. It was beautiful and the perfect ending to a magical evening.