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Never Never Land...

Last night The Raquette Lake Playhouse Proudly Presented: Peter Pan!!!
Our little lower sophomore actresses did an amazing job at bringing never never land to Raquette Lake Girls Camp! We are so proud of them!

At Team Sports the girls have learned the fundamental skills for softball and volleyball and are playing some competitive games during their activity time. The campers have also enjoyed watching the head staff volleyball competitions during shower hour! Yesterday we had our Softball inter-camp at Echo Lake and the girls played hard. There were 4 other camps including Chenawah, Walden, Forest Lake and Echo Lake in 3 inning games.

At tennis today the girls were playing ladder matches and also doing some cardio tennis!

Here is an update from our upper freshman & upper sophomore group leaders Jessica & Katie!

Upper freshman girls just got back from their pioneering trip on the boys side. We took Raquette 1 over to boys side and spent the day and overnight at the pioneering campsite.
Activities included archery, canoeing, swimming to duty island, cooking our own food over a fire, and making smores. The girls wasted no time in creating tent cheers and tent count-off cheers. They also made their temporary homes cozy by making shoe racks out of logs. They spent the night in a tent with about 8 girls and made it back to girls side in time for breakfast the next day.
We are looking forward to next week which is theater week for all freshman girls! We will find out the play on Sunday when we begin auditions. Wish us luck! -Jessica

It’s another beautiful day on the lake!It was wonderful to see you on Visiting Day! Before you arrived, we celebrated the 4th of July with a Luau and they all dressed the part. That weekend, we watched the junior girls perform Little Shop of Horrors. The girls loved it! The Supy girls had been hard at work to teach the girls a song for the mini sing. They had so much fun performing and ended the night with a trip to TP for some ice cream. On the 11th, the girls put on their cowgirl boots and danced to some classic line dances. All that dancing got them ready for their week of theatre. I loved watching the girls learn their dances, practice their lines and really get into the characters. Their show, Villain Takeover, was a hit! They brought so much energy and sass to their performance. Again, it was a pleasure to meet you on Visiting Day and I know the girls love it! After you left we spent the early evening with a fun slip ’n slide and water fight. The girls enjoyed a showing of the Hannah Montana movie where they got the best of both worlds! They participated in a little competition called Counselor/Head Staff Hunt. I will say that the Upper Sophs did a fantastic job hunting! This week, their trip included taking them to see the #1 film in the USA! Until next time -Katie