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So You Think You Can Dance?

If only you saw our girls perform! We hosted our 2nd annual dance competition. There were 4 other camps that joined us: Point O Pines, Camp Chateaugay, Forest Lake, and Echo Lake. Each camp performed in the categories of small group and large group. The judges consisted of the dance instructors from each camp totaling 5 judges! Our girls performed in small group to Chandelier by Sia & large group to Run The World (Girls) by Beyonce. Guess what? OUR GIRLS CAME IN 1ST PLACE FOR BOTH DANCES! Words can’t describe how amazing they were. All of the camps did an amazing job but our girls truly deserved the win and we are so impressed and proud of them! Thank you to our dance instructor Sarita for choreographing these spectacular dances!

The Lower Sophomore Girls had an inter-camp at Walden of Soccer & Basketball!

The Juniors had a tennis social at girls camp while The Seniors had a social at boys camp!

Evening activity was Hobby Night which was perfect to spend on the waterfront after the hot and sunny day!