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Splish Splash

The weather has been beautiful which only means that the boys were loving splishing and splashing their days away!

We finished round 2 of the USTA Tournament and are patiently waiting from our head of tennis, Dean to give us the full report!

Today was the 11U Hoops Tournament at Echo Lake which was multiple camps in the area competing and we came in 2nd place! The boys came home with awesome trophies! We are so proud of them.

Evening Activity was the dutch auction. The campers chose various random items from their bunk and placed it in 1 pillow case. They sit by bunk, and the MC of the event will say a word or a phrase and the campers will place an item that is related on the main chair. Whoever comes closest to relating to the word wins Raquette Bucks! The boys LOVE it!

And now an update from our Upper Junior Group Leader

Hello Upper Junior families,
The first week has gone by and we are in the swing of things with activities and trips. For the past week we have seen some beautiful weather. We started off the week by having all of the upper juniors pass their swim test. We jumped right into the intercollegiate competition. The teams were broken down into 6 competitive teams. We decided to make the team names after all college championship teams throughout the school year. On Thursday, each camper received their camp brothers. They had dinner together and participated in a scavenger hunt. It is really nice to see lower camp interact with the upper camp. The younger campers look up to the older campers. The 4th of July celebration is awesome and everyone looked forward to the fireworks!