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Trick OR Treat!!!

It was a very spooky eve on boys camp!! The Halloween parade took place right before dinner where each bunk dressed up and acted out a skit they were judged on! Following the parade was dinner in our decorated dining hall! The boys enjoyed Friday night dinner with their camp brothers and our special guests Frankenstein, Witches, & Spiders! After dinner they went trick or treating around camp and gathered as much candy as they could possibly hold!!! The social hall was a very very HAUNTED house!!! I bet the girls could hear the screams across the lake! It was a very fun night overall and I think our boys are candied out!

This morning is the boys camp swim to girls camp and we will update you tomorrow on how many boys made it and how much hot chocolate they enjoyed at the finish line!

Today is Carnival on boys camp!!!!!!! Check out the pictures for our tie dye creations!