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Trip Day #2- Boys Camp

Monday the boys hit the road, the lake, and the mountains for their 2nd trip day!!!!

The Frosh: It was a beautiful day for the Bald Mountain Hike. The boys laughed, and sang as they made their way up Bald Mountain’s summit reaches 2,350 feet!!!

The Lower Sophs: Canoed their way over to Pioneering where they celebrated with water games. This is their camping overnight where they did a special treasure hunt with Eddie to find the hidden treasures he talks about in his campfire stories. They enjoyed a delicious BBQ Dinner and of course you know the rest.. S’MORES!

The Upper Sophs: The boys did the Wakely Mountain Hike. Wakely Mountain is one of the Adirondacks 100-highest peaks and is also home of the tallest fire tower still standing in the Adirondacks as well. You will feel it sway in the breeze as you climb its many levels of steps to the cab.

The Juniors: Six Flags Great Escape was where the boys spent the day screaming on the roller coasters, running from ride to ride, and enjoying the amusement park food!

The Lower Seniors: Up they went on The High Peaks Hike of Phelps Mountain which is the 32nd highest peak in the Adirondacks and Algonquin Peak which is the 46th highest peak in the Adirondacks. Woah!

Aides: Shopping away the boys spent the day walking around Lake George. Of course making sure they have all their final four gear!