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Trip Day #5!

The freshman girls were busy singing and dancing the day away in the theater for their big production and the final production of Summer 2016! Charlie Brown is going to be the cutest of cute! We are so excited to watch tomorrow evening. The girls enjoyed a BBQ Lunch at our pig night site and ice cream!

The lower sophs spent the day at boys camp pioneering! They canoed their way over and they enjoyed swimming in the lagoon, relaxing on the rafts, and playing games. They BBQ’d a delicious dinner at their camping sites. Roasted & Toasted S’mores at a campfire and enjoyed stories! They returned early this morning smiling!

The upper sophs spent the day in Lake George. They walked around, shopped, and ate yummy local food!

The lower juniors spent the day in Lake Placid they stopped by the olympic training grounds and got to watch an ice dancing practice!!!! They also enjoyed lunch and shopping!

Popcorn & Candy!!! The upper juniors spent the day in Old Forge and enjoyed yummy pizza at Tony Hapers before seeing The Secret Life Of Pets!

The seniors have concluded their barnstorming! They came back last last night and we can’t wait to hear about their trip.

Last night was the Tamaron campfire! Tamarack and Carry On did a wonderful job at leading the camp!