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Updates From Our Activity Heads!

The Seniors have checked in from Saranac & Black River and all is well!

Check out the fish our boys caught!

Here are updates from Baseball, Basketball, & Theater!

During baseball instruction, we have focused on the fundamentals of the game. We start by stressing the importance of good defense. Therefore, we have provided detailed instruction on proper fielding and throwing mechanics, supported by drills that reinforce those areas of instruction. In addition to solid fundamentals and understanding of situational defense, we have provided valuable information on the fundamentals of hitting. Our baseball instructors have focused on tailoring the campers’ swings to match each individual’s strengths or weaknesses, instead of a “one swing fits all” type of approach. We have reinforced our hitting instruction through a variety of personalized hitting stations that include tee work, cage work, and live batting practice. Lastly, we have worked with those who desire to pitch by stressing proper pitching mechanics through a personalized pitching program that builds arm strength with a gradually increased pitch count throughout the summer. We, the baseball staff at RLBC, have tried to focus our instruction on the fundamentals of the game, while providing higher level instruction and nuance for those who are more experienced.- Josh, Head of Baseball

My basketball program focuses on transmitting the importance of being passionate about what you do, while using your skills and talents to serve others. Understanding the difference between Reacting and Responding. Challenges in life and sports are inevitable and sometimes, unpredictable! Next week’s focus will be on attacking zone defenses.- Jim Price, Head of Basketball

The Raquette Lake Boys Camp production of The Karate Kid has received lots of rave reviews since its performance last Thursday. It was a pleasure to work with such a talented group of boys this year. Since then, the theater elective has afforded the fellows some opportunities to view past scripts from our archives and to attempt to create scripts and script concepts of their own. Our department will focus on sing competitions over the next few weeks, including the Final Four sing and, eventually, the Color War competition. Those events bring a great deal of creativity and spirit to camp and we’re looking forward to hearing new songs along with traditional ones.- Sid, Head of Theater