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We LOVE Lazy Sunday Breakfast!

Sunday morning was our favorite- LAZY BREAKFAST! The boys made their way out of bed in their pajamas, and down to the dining hall to enjoy made to order Omlettes, Bagels, and many more delicious choices!

A Major CONGRATS to our Bunks of the week F3 & T12 . We are so proud of how clean you were this week!

Lake Placid Hockey departed from Breakfast to spend the day hitting the ice!

The boys had a traditional campfire with the traditional dessert of…. S’mores!
At each campfire the Aides split up and prepare speeches to teach the younger campers about the philosophies of Raquette Lake Boys camp. For example the Aides spoke about Loyalty and Courage! They ended the night singing the spirit of Raquette in unison!

Today is Trip Day so check back tomorrow to hear all about it!