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It was a busy Monday Trip Day for the boys

Lower Camp spent the day at Enchanted Forest. It was a bit rainy but that did not stop them from getting even more wet on all the fun rides and slides!

The Lower juniors spent the day at pioneering of course we had to come up with a way to trick them to come back to camp since something very special was happening and they could not camp out!

The Upper juniors spent the day in Old Forge. They ate lunch at Tony Harpers, saw Star Trek, and then had ice cream at northern lights! Yum.

The Seniors spent the day on camp for intercollegiate day.

After dinner the boys came up to the field for line up.. There was a construction dump truck on the field which looked to be doing some maintenance repairs. And then it began…

A seaplane flew over boys camp field……It disappeared
It flew back again and out came flying papers…out of the truck flying through the air came green and white balls that read COLOR WAR 2016!!!!!!!

The boys ran around and hugged and screamed! Within minutes the green and white cheers had begun.

It was a break to remember as the RLBC rope burned in the shadows.

Today we start our week of events which will end with the final sing. Stay Tuned!