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Color War 2016 Results!

Yesterday was a day that will live forever in the lore and history of Boys Camp.

The tugs this morning resulted in a near perfect tie, and the White Team won Junior War Canoe. However, it was a clean sweep of senior A, B, and C Beach Volleyball for the Green Team just before lunch. As a result, the scores going into lunch had Green leading by 79 points.

The track meet is the closing event, and it provides over 500 points to be won. White Team made up some points in the sprints, trailing only by 30 points as the track meet turned to the age-group relays, all of which are worth 15 points each.

The final race of every Color War is the “All-Star Relay,” involving two campers from each age group; it is worth 25 points. Entering this final event, Color War 2016 was in an exact tie…not a point separated the two teams. The tension and energy was high, with the campers and staff battling feelings of amazement and nervousness.

With all eyes watching, the boys ran with all their heart and might. Midway through the relay, green took a lead and white was unable to regain the lead. Green crossed the finish line first, winning the race and winning Color War. What a finish!

Congratulations to both teams on an amazing job done this past week. We are very proud of them portraying all of the virtues of Raquette Lake Boys Camp. They are what makes this camp so great!

3 More Days To Go.. Can you believe it?