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Fake Break & Color War

It was 12:00AM and the bugle started blowing.. The boys popped out of bed and ran out of their bunks to the field thinking this was it! Color War was about to break. They were given white & green glow sticks which under the dark Raquette Sky looked amazing. They joined their teams side and as the captains were about to be announced in the distance was a rope burning which read…
Fake Break!!!!!!!! It was definitely a good one and the boys are still anxiously waiting for Color War to begin.

Lazy breakfast was much needed after the late night and the boys enjoyed it.

Olympic Day was yesterday and featured nine countries and nine large group activities. Campers were split among the countries and competed for the best time or score at each activity. Examples of activities: shoe toss, hula hoop relay, letter formation, circle sit, etc.

Evening ended with a campfire about the last virtue of the tribe: Honor Unshakable.

Today is trip day so check back tomorrow to hear about the day!