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Birchwood Campfire and News From Our Group Leaders!

Evening activity was the Birchwood campfire. As the SUPY girls are away, Birchwood takes over and leads the campfire. They did a wonderful job leading the camp and we are looking forward to their show tonight.

What an incredible start to our summer! The girls have been super busy enjoying all of their activities and especially love tubing on hobby nights in the evenings! They have loved dance and meeting new friends. They enjoyed the senior show, Legally Blonde, and the girls are excited for their turn in the theater later in the summer so they, too, can shine on the stage. Having our own personal campfire with Eddie was a big hit and the s’mores were super yummy! Theme nights, such as luau, the pajamarama, and the Dutch Auction were so much fun. Last night, they all jumped out of our beds at the first crack of the fireworks, sat out on placid field, and watched the spectacular show in the sky celebrating the 4th. They also headed up to T. P. for special snacks and the girls absolutely love the new treat, milkshakes!!
-Raquel and Liz