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Junior Update and Counselor Scavanger Hunt

Update from our Junior Group Leader

Since the campers arrived they have stayed quite busy. All campers were so excited to see friends from previous summer and also make many new ones as well. There have been many events that have occurred, including our opening campfire, where many of the Juniors received there five year jackets, the counselor talent show and a fun MTV night where the theme was Hair Bands. The Upper Juniors will head to Camp Walden on the July 5th to compete in Baseball, Basketball and Soccer. We have recently began our intercollegiate competitions and all of the boys were excited to be competing each day, exhibiting great sportsmanship all around in their group. The intercollegiate team names are the Huskies, Sun Devils, Ducks, Golden Bears, Beavers, and Wildcats. We are looking forward to an amazing summer.

Last night evening activity was the counselor scavanger hunt. The counselors got creative in their Ghillie Suits hiding in holes to blend into nature. The boys did a great job finding them and received tons of Raquette Bucks!