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Sail, Archery, and Nature- OH MY!

Here are updates from more activity heads!


At sailing this year, we are off to a great start. Even though the weather has been challenging at times, the winds have been good and the spirits high. Our youngest campers are busy being introduced to this exciting sport and learning the basic skills needed to set up and handle the boats. Our older campers are building experience and expanding their knowledge of the sport over previous years. Of course we a hard at work preparing for the season culmination Color War sailing regatta where all their skills and learning will be put to the test.

Stephen “Downtown” Brown
Head sailing instructor RLBC


Each session at Archery is dedicated to improving marksmanship through refining techniques and sharpening mental skills, within the context of practice and creative games.


The purpose of the Nature program is to educate each camper in good stewardship and respect for nature, as well as wilderness emergency survival skills. Individual courses include plant identification, shelter building, fire building, water procurement and purification, wildlife identification, and hunting & trapping techniques.