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The boys awaited the girls arrival as they took the boat over to BC for some fun participating in all of the hobby night activities and dressed in red white and blue to make up for our missed July 4 celebration! All of the sudden a plane flew over and dropped blue, green and , white papers!!! We for sure thought that meant Color War but it was a Fake out!

Both camps enjoyed a dessert buffet and had a fantastic fire works display and after the finale 2 more barges had fireworks on them. One shot off white and green fireworks and the other blue and white. There was a lit up sign on each that said CW 2017 and TW 2017! On the boys beach we also had the burning signs saying color war and team week. It was one of the best breaks to date and the kids loved the non stop excitement.
And so it begins…

COLOR WAR 2017!!!!!