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We are Raquette, Steadfast And True

Yesterday morning was filled with Tug o’ War for each age group at the beach. Other highlights included the junior and senior war canoe races. Green won the juniors and white won the seniors.
The afternoon featured the track meet, which is the final event of Color War each year. 518 points were up for grabs, keeping Green’s chances alive.

Nonetheless, White held on for the victory. They won color war by a margin of 132 points.

Final scores:

White 2547
Green 2415

After the track meet we held our Color War closing campfire and symbolically “buried the hatchets” and reunited camp to one family. We are so proud of our boys and you should be to! They showed undeniable sportsmanship and spirit throughout the week and it was truly a color war to remember. After all, everyone is a winner at RLBC!