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Blue & White Together Now

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The girls ran and ran and passed the baton along girls camp for the Apache relay which was won by Blue in a very very close race! Last night we held our final event, The Team Week Sing. The monsters and Shrekies marched through the arena proudly representing their teams.

The girls were judged on their entrance, old march, new march, and Alma Mater written by their team.

The sing results:
Entrance won by blue
Old March won by blue
New March tie
Alma won by white

The sing resulted in a tie!

It was a wonderful week filled with spirit, excitement, and lots of love!

Team Week 2018 Final Results

Blue 2691.5
White 2344.5

Blue & White are reunited together now the colors of the sky! We are so proud of our girls for showing us what team work and team spirit is all about