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Camp Friends Are The Best Friends!

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Rise and Shine Raquette Lake Boys Camp. The morning kicked off with the annual swim to girls camp. A 2 mile swim that is a long standing tradition for RLBC. It was an awesome way to start the final full day of camp.

The boys spent the day packing and spending time with friends. For evening activity they enjoyed the final banquet and closing campfire, followed by some singing on the main basketball court for a bittersweet farewell!

By the time you are reading this your boys will be on the way back to you! The hardest day of the year has come and we guess now it is our turn to miss them. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Even when the boys aren’t physically on camp, their spirit lives within the woods for the 10 months of the year without them. The bond that is developed and shared from Raquette Lake Boys Camp is like no other on earth. Camp friends are special and unique. Be sure to keep in touch with your camp friends because camp friends are the best friends! We will miss you boys camp.