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Carnival & Raquette Rave!

What better way to end Team Week and Color War than with Carnival & A Rave glow party!!!

The girls took the boats over to boys camp in the afternoon where they all enjoyed the Carnival booths and rides until dinner time! They wore their very amazing tie dye t-shirts they created in Arts & Crafts. The colors and their smiles lit up the upper fields! Some of the favorite booths of the day were the black jack table, Beads Of Fun, and of course the cotton candy and snow cones were popular, as usual.

The boys and girls enjoyed dinner at the Pig Nite Site!

The fun did not stop there… After dinner the lower camp campers had their Raquette Rave Glow Party social under black lights in the Social Hall with glowing neon paint dancing around to today’s favorite hits. Once the freshmen and sophomores cleared out, the juniors and seniors enjoyed their own Glow Party social.

It was truly a fun and special day for all the campers to be able to unwind and enjoy their camp friends and family!