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Together Again! SUMMER 2019!

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Our Raquette Lake family is back together again! We waited 10 months for this day and it couldn’t have been better. As our campers arrived the sun was shining, the pine trees were swaying, and of course the lake was glistening. Separated by miles and months absolutely nothing has changed. The spirit of Raquette is stronger than ever. New friends, Old friends, camp friends are the best friends!

The buses rolled on in and the campers and their smiling faces ran to find out their new bunks for summer 2019. After they got situated they enjoyed a yummy dinner, dancing, and singing in the dining hall!

Summer 2019 is Raquette Lake Camps 104th season. Throughout the summer our campers will be learning all about the rich traditions that make Raquette Lake so special. What’s even cooler is many of our campers are second, third, and even fourth generation campers! Their great grandparents were singing some of the same songs they will learn this summer!

We have so much fun in store for them and we can’t wait to tell you all about what’s going on at camp each day. Be sure to check in every day to read the news!

Now…it’s your turn to miss them!