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An Amazing Ending To An Amazing Show. TEAM WEEK 2019 IS HERE!

Our little freshman mermaids took us under the sea for an AMAZING production of The Little Mermaid! We fell in love with the story all over again after seeing their adorable and fun rendition! We are so proud of them!

At the end of the show the Raquette playhouse went dark, what was going on? All of the sudden the spotlights shined to the aisle as the theatre staff who was dressed up in capes and masks came dancing down the aisle! They took the stage for the RLGC THEATRE Final Farewell. It was one of the most amazing STOMP performances with dialogue we have ever seen! Then at the end of the dance the lights went out and the black lights came on and Team Week was written everywhere on the walls and stage.They removed their capes to reveal Team Week 2019 shirts!

The camp went crazy cheering! And they didn’t stop for 10 minutes….Then it was time for the opening campfire. The 2019 captains and TA’s made in entrance on canoes and made their speeches. It was such a special evening & amazing way to start the exciting week ahead.



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