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Color War 2019 Grand Finale!

Yesterday was a day that will live forever in the lore and history of Boys Camp. As color war 2019 was one that the boys will forever remember!

This morning featured the “Tugs” (Tug-o-War) for each age group.
We also had Junior War Canoe, which was won by the white team.

This afternoon’s track meet was the final competition of the week. The white team won 276 to 257.

The final scores for Color War 2019

Green 2557
White 2226

Our afternoon concluded with the Color War Closing Campfire at the beach, where we reunited to be “one camp” again.

Congratulations to both teams on an amazing job done this past week. We are very proud of them portraying all of the virtues of Raquette Lake Boys Camp. They are what make this camp so special!

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