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At 5:45 the campers noticed a helicopter flying above camp, which started to create a buzz just before dinner lineup. Campers began running out of the bunks even before the bugle for Assembly was blown. They tracked the helicopter as it climbed to 6,000 feet, when suddenly two skydivers jumped from the chopper. Soon after, their chutes opened and they soared down to earth, blowing white and green smoke from behind them.

As soon as the skydivers reached the ground on the outer fields, the campers knew right away that it was Color War. The air horns sounded and the split sheets went flying, as confetti cannons erupted in the crowd of campers. The boys found their names on the splits and went to meeting sites with their teams before dinner! COLOR WAS 2019 HAS NOW BEGUN!

After dinner, we held the ceremonial opening campfire with an incredible sunset as a backdrop to the speeches that were given by the Generals and Senior Captains for each team. What a day!