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Tamaron Showed Us How It's Done!

Big shout out to our Bunks of the week….
Duck bay

With the seniors barnstorming, Tamarack and Carry On have proudly led the camp and of course the cheers! Last night was The Tamaron Show- The girls put on a skit and performed their alma mater and truly did an amazing job!

This week in dance, all the bunks are finishing their dances and preparing to show them on Friday before lunch. In elective period this week, dancers are learning how to create a dance. I call the class “Future Choreographers” and each class, the campers are challenged to create movement from ways they never knew before. Today, they had to create a dance spelling out their name but exploring beyond just drawing It out with one arm. Every dancer performed what they created and everyone gave positive feedback on what they saw, realizing that anyone else watching wouldn’t recognize the inspiration behind their movement phrase.