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Trip Day!

With Team Week on the horizon the girls wondered if this would be their last trip day of summer 2019. They definitely made the best of it!

The Freshman mermaids were busy in play practice. Tonight is their production of A Little Mermaid!

The Lower Soph’s got in touch with nature at pioneering on boys camp!

The Upper Soph’s LOVED Lake Placid. They visited the Olympic training center, shopped, and had lunch.

The Lower and upper juniors had a fun day in Lake George!

The seniors are back from barnstorming! Once we get the full report we will definitely tell you all about it.

Tamaron hosted their campfire last night. They chose beautiful almas to sing and told great camp stories. A lot about bonding and becoming one united age group this year! Check out their amazing banner!

We smell Team Week in the air…. Any day now!