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Welcome Back To The Best Place On Earth!

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The first day of camp is always the most exciting, happiest day of the year… this summer that was taken to another level. The campers lived 22 months for these 2 and the happiness and excitement beaming from them is indescribable!

So many returning and new campers hopped out of their cars ( hi parents!!) ready for literally what will be in 105 years the most meaningful summer in the history of Raquette Lake Camps!

The campers spent the afternoon making new friends and catching up with old, getting settled in their bunks, and most importantly running around camp with no worries in the world!

We had a traditional spaghetti and meatballs dinner which was delish. The perfect comfort meal being back at our summer home.

We are jumping right into action today and even though it may have taken us a little longer to be back together again it’s like we never left. Even new campers seem like they have been here before. And that’s the beauty of Raquette Lake!

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