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It was a fun day for trip day and this is what the girls were up to… The frosh were busy in the Raquette Lake Playhouse practicing for their big show on Friday! In the morning all the girls enjoyed activities with SUPY and then a fashion show… it was fabulous

The sophs in the afternoon did projects in arts & crafts! The juniors in the afternoon did batiking with Christine & BINGO! BIRCHWOOD and SUPY in the afternoon enjoyed a movie & snacks!

It was a beautiful evening for the Tagaron campfire. After the girls sang pine trees, all the sudden they turned around to the amazing marching band playing, and the 6 chair flag came out… and it was time… time for 6 chairs!! This can only mean one thing… Team Week 2021 can break out at any time. The girl’s are counting down the seconds for the most anticipated week on camp to begin!

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