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The colors of the rainbow took over boys camp yesterday with tie dye shirts! The sun was shining and the smiles were beaming!!!! Both camps enjoyed a morning of activities and lunch. In the early afternoon the girls camp boats started pulling into boys camp and the girls could not run up the hill fast enough! Raquette Lake Boys Camp and Raquette Lake Girls Camp together for an afternoon of FUN! Booths galore, inflatables galore, cotton candy was swirling, fresh popcorn was popping, and the sno-cones were cold and bright! Some of the popular carnival booths were, the tattoo and face painting parlor, marraige booth, ring toss, duck pool, and of course the prize palace!!!! The girls joined us for a delicious bbq dinner on boys camp, and if you can believe it that wasn’t the end! After dinner, they went to the social hall for a dance party and finished off the night with canteen! It really was a special day for carnival 2021!

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