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It was an amazing last day of final four with the swim meet in the morning!

In the afternoon the boys gathered in the indoor arena for the much anticipated sing that would be the closing event of Final four. The boys performed in 5 categories. Old fight, Old beauty, Cheers, Banner, & Team Attire. They performed songs that were written from many different years, and decades throughout the history of Raquette Lake Boys Camp.

UCLA won the old fight Gonzaga won the old beauty Baylor won the cheers Baylor won the banner Baylor won the attire

At the end it was a close game but the champions of Final Four 2021 is….. BAYLOR!!!!!!!

Final scores: Baylor 854 Gonzaga 781 UCLA 709 Houston 530

Today is carnival and the girls are coming on over for an amazing day. We can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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