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Howdy Partners! Saranac is BACK!

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Right around 2:30pm we could see the canoes starting to paddle in to the boys camp beach and the cheers could be heard all the way on girls side. Our boys are back from Saranac and they did it! Saranac is the longest standing tradition at Raquette Lake Camps. The boys endured a 3 day, 80 mile canoe trip. An experience they will remember for the rest of their lives! We had a campfire upon their arrival to hear their stories, and congratulate them on such an amazing achievement!

Yee-haw! It was the wild wild west on boys camp for evening activity. The boys came to line up in their western attire and went down to Eddie’s wild wild west saloon to enjoy a cowboy dinner in the perfectly decorated dining hall. After dinner it was games on the hill. The boys line danced to cotton eyed joe, popped balloons in the pig pen, bounced around in the inflatable horse races, used their strength with the tractor pull, and so much more!

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