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Saranac Is Back!

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We are so so so proud of our girls for their huge accomplishment of completing Saranac. An amazing tradition at Raquette Lake Girls Camp, a 3 day, 80 mile canoe trip. An experience they will remember for the rest of their lives!

At evening activity we had the Saranac campfire. The girls told us stories all about their trip, including their funny nicknames they came up with. They also shared with us their Saranac cheer!

It was trip day on girls camp and the girls had a beautiful day.

The freshman enjoyed nature in the morning, fun swimming in the lake, and a lake cruise! Lucky, lucky, The lower sophomores enjoyed a campfire with Eddie with yummy popcorn and enjoyed swimming in the lake! The upper sophs did a art project in the morning and then swimming in the lake! After swim both sophomore groups went on a cruise of Raquette! The juniors are in theater practice getting ready for their big debut tonight of little shop of horrors! Supy went to a beautiful waterfall! They then enjoyed Tony Harpers pizza on the boat!