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Trip Day #4

Another sunshine, perfect day for trip day!

The freshman enjoyed a beach day & movie! In the morning they splashed and jumped on the rave and then enjoyed banana boating and tubing! They had a delicious BBQ lunch and then headed to the socail hall to watch boss baby family business!

The lower sophomores had Josh day! A day filled with their group leader, Josh’s favorite activities. They did Archery & Arts & Crafts, Swimming and fun in the lake, A bbq lunch on the boys camp beach and watched boss baby family business in the afternoon!

The upper sophs canoed to three different campsites on Raquette Lake and stayed overnight for camping under the beautiful star filled adirondack sky!

The juniors enjoyed a day of nature at the boys camp pioneering site. Sean also took them out on the boat for some fishing and there were lots of good catches!

The seniors took the boat to golden beach where they enjoyed the beautiful waterfalls and a hike. After that they rewarded themselves with some delicious Tony Harpers pizza!

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