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And The 2021 Team Week Winner Is...

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A very exciting last day of team week 2021. In the morning was the apache relay and white came away with the victory getting 80 points!

The wild white mama mia and blazin blue grease were grooving for their walk-ins! the teams sang their good luck toasts to one another and then the competition began. The teams were scored in the following categories, Old March, New March, and Alma Mater. The blue team won the Old March, The white team won the New March, The blue team won the Alma Mater. In the end the blue team was the winner of the sing!

With all of that said, the winner of team week 2021 is… BLUE!

We are so proud of our girls for showing such amazing sportsmanship, support, and respect for one another during team week!

Blue and White together now the colors of the sky!

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