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We had some visitors in the afternoon on Raquette Lake Boys Camp. Loki, Thor, Captain America, just to name a few, AVENGERS THE MUSICAL took over the social hall! The boys amazed us with their super powers. What made this play even more special was that is was written, produced, directed by two alumni campers who are now on our staff. We are so proud of everyone who helped to make the play so special.

At dinner was our Birthday Bash, an opportunity to celebrate everyone’s birthday on camp no matter what month of the year. The boys came down to a decorated dining hall, candy on the table, and our favorite birthday party hits playing. They danced, enjoyed, and then it was time for dessert! A birthday cake for every table… but when they cut into the cake what did they see at the bottom… COLOR WAR 2021!!! They screamed, and they jumped, and in ran the generals in army fatigue with air horns. But what team are we on? Well…the boys were told to run to their bunks and there they found custom army men figurines painted in their team color with their name and team printed on the bottom.

It’s here…. COLOR WAR 2021… The green and the white team!

We had the traditional color war opening campfire where the captains and generals spoke. It was a beautiful evening and we are so excited to head into this week of competition!!

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